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God, I don’t want to live like this anymore – The Story of Chug Garreau (Lakota)

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Chug Garreau

Chug grew up on the reservation in the ranch and rodeo life.  He also grew up with alcohol which caused a lot of problems in his home, and eventually, in his own life.  He was only a junior in high school when he left home after a fight with his dad.  But that didn’t fix his problems.  In fact, they were really just beginning.  Years past and his troubles grew worse.  As time went on Chug could see that his rebellion and addictions were bringing him down… and that it was taking a toll on his young family.  The pain and shame of his actions – it was all catching up with him and he wanted to find a way out.  His wife discovered it first, and then he too found the way… the only way.  It was through Jesus Christ.

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  • Marlene F.

    What an inspiring story that gives the glory to God for His transforming power. I thank God that He set you free and that now you are able to share this wonderful testimony with other. Bless you and your family.

  • Mark Burbank

    Pastor Chug, you are the best. I have the Honor meet you and your wife and Randy and his wife. Thank you for following Christ!

  • Patsy

    Wonderful story, dear brother in the Lord. Only Jesus can make that kind of change and give you peace and joy.

  • John W

    Great story of God\’s power!

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