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“The Storyteller” Broadcast Information

“The Storyteller” Broadcast Information

If you’re looking for different ways to share the Good News and encourage those in your community, The Storyteller is a powerful and unique program worth your consideration. Native North American followers of Jesus are telling their stories of faith… and people are listening.  Why not include The Storyteller in your late night programming?  That’s a great time to share the Good News!

Fast Facts on The Storyteller

  • Features Native North Americans sharing their personal stories of faith in Jesus
  • On the air since 2002
  • Heard in 600+ communities in North America
  • Aired on First Nations broadcasting networks
  • Quarter-hour format (14:30) for weekly broadcast
  • Available through Amb-OS, FTP*, RSS Feed, or Website

What you get with The Storyteller

  • The Storyteller is real life radio… authentic, direct, and personal
  • The Storyteller is true life stories told by the people who have lived them
  • The Storyteller is Native followers of Jesus sharing Christ with their own people
  • The Storyteller challenges and encourages every listener with the claims of Christ
  • The Storyteller is an effective way to share the Gospel with those in your community
  • The Storyteller promotes awareness and understanding between cultures in North America

Sample Broadcast Programs

StorytellerContent Emphasis

Don Shugak (Pt1) – SugpiaqAn Alaskan Native elder shares his story of faith14:30
Gary Quequish (Pt1) – Oji-CreeAngry young man has powerful, life-changing encounter with God14:30
Karen Garreau (Pt1) – LakotaA story of God’s love, Victory over hate, depression, suicide14:30
Eddie Lindsey – CreekThe Turtle Story and how it relates to our lives14:30
Molly Littlejohn – CherokeeAlcohol had a grip on her, but God set her free14:30
Larry Tsingine (Pt1) – NavajoAn elder who tells it like it is… and he’s right14:30
George Olsen – AleutBorn and raised in Alaska – He took a stand early in life14:30
Velma Memnuk (Pt1) – CreeAn elder recalls the impact her mother had in her life14:30
Rick Burnette – LumbeeGod radically changes an angry young man14:30

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  1. Nelson Banos Jr

    I listen to the storyteller on 104.9WIHS in Ct. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoy to hear real people turning their lives over to jesus. Thank you for a true pleasure to listen to. Nelson.

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