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About WR

Our Purpose

Without Reservation exists to see Native North Americans following Jesus Christ without reservation… because He deserves worship from every tribe and nation.

Our Focus

Our focus is three-fold:
Reaching the lost – by sharing the Gospel in ways that people can understand.
Equipping the found – through resources and relationships that encourage spiritual growth.
Assisting others – by standing with like-minded Christ-followers in their service to God.

Our Work

Specifically, we are involved in the following areas: Local Church Ministry, Gospel Radio Broadcasts, Audio/Video Production – including CD Gospel tracts, Jail Outreach, Internet Ministry, Personal Discipleship, Teaching, Developing Teaching Resources, Helping and encouraging Christ-followers and Christian ministries.

Our Aim

In all this, our aim is to please and honor our Creator. And it’s that purpose that not only influences what we do, but how we desire to do it.

The links on the right provide more information about Without Reservation. If you’re looking for something more than what’s here, please feel free to contact us.