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I’m Free – The Story of Allen Early (San Carlos Apache)

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Allen, a San Carlos Apache, was raised by his father in the traditional way.  He got involved in alcohol, drugs, and gang life and became so violent that his own people wanted him put away. But jail couldn’t hold him. He escaped many times.  Finally, after a successful manhunt, he was put in solitary confinement.  There he tried to hang himself, but failed.  So he decided to starve himself to death.  It was then that a man came into the jail and shared his personal story about how Jesus Christ changed his life.  Allen listened through the walls of his cell… and what happened next changed his life forever.


7 Comments for this entry

  • Leslie Nelson

    Thank you for sharing; I needed this testimony.

  • Aurora M. Quiñones

    PRAISE THE LORD! For this testimony…
    See you in heaven…

  • Aurora M. Quiñones

    Great testimony…blood of Jesus Christ forgives us…

  • Darlene Silversmith

    He spoke with confidence about a love he never knew of in growing up on the reservation. We will not see another life demonstrating such a radical change that could only Happen through the transformational power of believing in Jesus Christ.

  • Cheryl Cooper

    Tears are streaming down my face! What a beautiful testimony and I pray it will be so fruitful that all the Reservation will come home to Jesus! <3
    Thank you for having the courage and faith to share your story!
    God bless you and keep you! Amen

  • maggie bugden

    AWESOME! Thank You!

  • andrew

    I lived in Globe for a few years.
    This was an encouraging testimony.
    God bless the Church in San Carlos.

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