The Story of Josephine Genaille (Cree)
The Story of Josephine Genaille (Cree)

The Story of Josephine Genaille (Cree)

Have you ever thought a person was so far gone that there was no turning back?  Alcohol takes many people down that dead-end road.  Josephine knows because that’s where she was headed… but guess who met her at the junction?  No one is beyond God’s reach.  Listen as she unwraps her personal journey from brokenness to healing.  You’ll feel like she’s talking to you.  And you’ll be challenged as you hear what God can do when in desperation we call out to Him.


  1. Pastor Magnar Bremnes

    My wife and I have been blessed to know Josephine for 12 years. Being her Pastor, I confirm that her testimony is powerful. We know her daily walk with Jesus and her caring outreach to the lost is a very great blessing with much fruitfulness in the Lord. We thank our Lord Jesus much.

  2. Virginia Spence

    Your testimony is so beautiful and such a blessing because it shows the power in God’s Grace and Mercy.I especially love the honesty i which you express your life experience. May you be blessed where ever you go to share your special testimony.I’m still drying my eyes, and thanking the lord for you sister.

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