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Storyteller Audio Tracts

Each Storyteller program features the salvation story of the one who is sharing. There are also certain real-life issues or themes that are spoken of in each story. They are noted in the “Content Emphasis” column in the table below.  These full-length versions of The Storyteller are formatted differently than the radio program and are well suited for sharing CDs and MP3s with others.  Want to make CDs for yourself or for your ministry? Click here for instructions.

Storyteller Content Emphasis Time
Richard Stevens – Ahtna/Eyak Realized he couldn’t be good enough to be saved 14:49
Hazel Hahne – Lakota Drugs, alcohol, money – Nothing satisfied but Christ 15:06
Jeff VanEvery-Upper Cuyaga Buffalo, NY bar bouncer – saved and grateful! 36:02
Soapy Dollar – Apache Abandoned at birth, raised in boys home, saved & serving his God 26:01
Vince Garcia – Navajo Violent man becomes faithful witness for Christ 15:42
Venus Cote – Saulteaux Hopeless, addicted, despairing, broken, saved! 37:29
Gary Quequish – Oji-Cree Angry youth’s powerful encounter w/God 24:07
Tim Tsoodle – Kiowa/Taos Physically abused, he plans to end the pain, but God rescues. 37:12
Fred Evans – Cree You can run but you can’t hide. God restores. Strong Gospel msg 14:45
Carroll Hill – Mohawk Powerful story of abuse, anger, and forgiveness. New life in Jesus 14:43
Andrew Nelson – Aleut He couldn’t find peace in the bottle. He found it in Jesus Christ 14:40
Don Shugak – Sugpiaq Anger problem nearly destroyed his family. God brought healing 25:33
Eunice Landlord – Yupik Violently abused/witness to suicide. Saved & serving Jesus now 23:23
Julius Twohearts – Sioux An angry man, emboldened by alcohol, saved by God, now smiling 37:00
Drama – I’m Not Ready Compelling Drama about death, judgment, & destiny w/Gospel 12:25
Rick Burnette – Lumbee Where there was hate, God has given love. Powerful story 15:00
Jason French – Cherokee The Christmas Story – The greatest story ever told 14:45
James Moses – Cree Chose to follow Jesus as teenager, Faithful witness for Christ 14:46
Tammy Jackson – Cherokee Suicide in the family, Victory over bitterness, forgiveness 27:03
Gordon Thayer – Ojibwe Vietnam Pararescue vet. Victory over spirits, alcohol, drugs 37:32
Randy Boettcher – Metis Victory over abuse, drinking, drugs. Positive story for youth 26:29
Mindy Eagle – Nez Perce Teenage troubles. Victory over suicide, cutting, drinking, drugs. 16:00
Eddie Lindsey – Creek The Turtle Story – One his mother told him about obedience 14:45
Eddie Lindsey – Creek What happens when you die? Victory over alcohol 25:27
Anne Morrow – Cree Forgiveness/Victory over residential school abuse, abandonment 37:28
Tom Claus – Mohawk A Storyteller Christmas – about the very best gift ever given 14:54
Chug Garreau – Lakota Rodeo, soldier, and biker. Victory over shame, alcohol, suicide 37:03
Karen Garreau – Lakota A story of God’s love, Victory over hate, depression, suicide 26:17
Thomas Ranville – Metis Victory over anger, violence, gang life, substances 27:02
Josephine Genaille – Cree Set free from bondage. Victory over abuse, alcohol, suicide 23:20
Herman Williams – Navajo Amazing life story, Faithful, Jesus is greater than the spirits 59:13
Ted Murdock – Cree A story about real spiritual battle. Victory over spirits, alcohol 29:16
Allen Early – Apache “Are You Ready?” theme. Victory over anger, alcohol, traditional religion, jail. This program has strong evangelistic message and ends with the powerful drama, I’m Not Ready. 54:39
 Mike Andrews -Tohono O’odham  Jesus Christ saved him, changed his heart towards white people  37:26