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How to Walk in Victory over Temptation and Sin

posted on , under First Steps

One of the challenges that all followers of Jesus face is dealing with temptation. It may come as a surprise that – even though you have been saved and have become a new person – there are still battles with sinful desires that need to be fought and won. It can be very discouraging and confusing if you don’t understand what’s going on or how to deal with it. In this edition of First Steps, you’ll hear from a man who understands. Jess French talks about his experience as a new Christian and shares how he learned to walk in victory. It was the story of two dogs that helped him understand. His words are a practical help for those just getting started in their walk with the Lord… and a great reminder to all of us about how we can be victorious in our faith. (Video Length: 4:25). Watch Now.

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