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Abandoned, abused, forgiven, free. An elder shares her story – The testimony of Anne Morrow (Cree)

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When Anne was a little girl her mother walked out. When she was five she was sent away to residential school where she was abused. At sixteen she was married to a man she barely knew… and then met her first drunk… her newlywed husband. Then a stranger showed up one day, invited her to church, and gave her a Bible. She remembered being warned in residential school not to accept a man into her house that came with a black book. She took the Bible anyway and accepted his invitation to go to church. It was there where she heard something hard to believe, but soon would experience for herself.

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  • sharon

    I thank u for ur testimony an i loved about the kikino metis settlement to bad i was so young to remember this i must have beem 4 years old if u were here in 1963. My auntys must have been in ur children sunday school there names were Annie howse (shes deseaced) Betty Sparklingeyes victoria ( cardinal) Tremblay Im glad i heard ur testimony ty.

  • Tricia O'Connor

    Very heartfelt testimony, and a real lesson in forgiveness. Sending love, Ann <3

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