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When God forgave me I knew I had to forgive him too – The Story of Carroll Hill (Mohawk)

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It was really tough to hear my mother screaming and the kids being beat up and thrown against the wall and thrashed around. I was there included as well. Always seemed to be harder to watch the other ones get it than myself, even though I didn’t enjoy it any more than anyone else. I remember this one night, after I was probably 15 years old, I heard this crying and screaming going on, and I said, “This is enough of this,”… I loaded up the rifle when we went to the bush the next day, and I just hid behind a tree, and I see my dad coming, I cocked the old rifle, and had it on his head…

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  • Michelle Oakley

    My maiden name is michelle La’Fleche. I am from a Mohawk tribe and my father was born and rasied in cananda and then came out her learned English and married my mom. He was a very abusefy man and I can relaite to you a lot. I had a hard life. I came to a chirstian through my husband my mother was chathloic so she rasied us as that. And I knew it wasn’t right for me till my husband showed me the real light. I enjoyed your story very much thank you. Now I know I am not the only one out there. This is my first time on this site. Thank you for sharing your story it tuched my heart.

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