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“The only place I could go was to God” – One man’s battle and victory over anger – The Story of Don Shugak

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Old Harbor, Alaska

Old Harbor, Alaska

Don grew up in Old Harbor, Alaska, where he survived the 1964 tidal wave that swept over the village. More importantly, it was there where Jesus saved him from his sins. But that didn’t mean that his life was free of trouble. Don was raised in a home with an angry father, and that left deep wounds in his young heart. Years later, he would bring that same anger that destroyed his father’s family into his own home. He couldn’t see it himself until his wife gave him a choice: his anger or his family. Don knew then that he had to change, but he also knew that he couldn’t do it on his own. That’s when he cried out to God. Click here to listen to Don’s story.

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