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This is how much I love you – The Story of Hazel Hahne (Lakota)

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Hazel grew up on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in South Dakota. Her early years were spent in the little village of Thunder Butte. She knew nothing of prejudice until her family moved to one of the mixed communities on the reservation. It was there were she saw her people being mistreated, and where he parents warned her about white people. She began to hate. Even in her own home she didn’t really know what true love was… associating it with physical and sexual things. Eventually, she would meet and marry a white guy who lived up to her parent’s warnings. She became a prisoner in her own marriage. But where she turned to escape only brought more heartache and despair. For many, this is the end of the story – but not for Hazel… or her husband. Listen as she shares about how they both finally found true love.

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