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“Why you always smiling?” The Testimony of Julius Twohearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux)

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Julius Twohearts – Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux: Julius grew up on the Spirit Lake reservation in northeastern North Dakota.  From his youth, his life was a toxic mixture of anger and alcohol.  He eventually went to prison for attacking a police officer – sending him to the hospital.  Years later, while Julius was drinking under a bridge, a stranger came and told him about Jesus.  After that it seemed no matter where he went people would talk to him about Jesus.  Slowly, his hard heart began to soften… and he opened it to the Lord.  It’s been a long and painful journey, but today, Julius is known for his smile.  As you listen to him share, you’ll actually hear him smiling.  Find out why… maybe you’ll smile too.

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  • Matthew Hedstrom

    Fantastic! Julius and I were in New Hope Center together for quite awhile back in 1984. We became fast friends and hung out together a lot. It was a Christian halfway house and we were both saved but still struggled with Alcohol from time to time. We both had painful childhoods, We both had Alcoholic Fathers and we both came from large Catholic families. Every now and then I would ask people if they knew Julius Twohearts and they’d say yes but never knew where he was staying. And so the years past but I never forgot him. He was a good friend to me. It was really nice to hear this and know that Julius’ Faith in the Son of God is still strong and steady. God Bless.

  • Maggiebugden@hotmail.com

    Geat and wonder God we serve!

  • Wm Becker

    Thank you Julius for your story. Keep on smiling.

  • Barbie Daniels

    I love this so much!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony of The Lord Jesus Christ, Brother Julius. Blessings of God to your whole family.

  • jacob valtierra

    I enjoyed how God was working on Julius his entire life. I think we fail to realize that God is drawing us near through a variety of mediums, but sooner or later we have to come to accept it.

  • anthony henry

    great story and testimony

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