Dealing with Sin (Part 2) Forgiveness and Restoration
Dealing with Sin (Part 2) Forgiveness and Restoration

Dealing with Sin (Part 2) Forgiveness and Restoration

There’s nothing as miserable for the sinning Christian as being estranged from God, and nothing so sweet as being restored back to Him. Ray Sparklingeyes reminds us what King David said after he had been forgiven for adultery and murder (Psalm 32:1). It’s a good reminder for us. Rather than living apart from God and His blessing, let’s deal with our sin quickly. The sooner we confess and forsake our sin, the sooner we will discover our joy and peace again.

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  1. Robyn Smith

    Simple truths. Wonderful testimony. It is good to hear, not just read! Thank you. We have a loving FATHER, SAVIOUR, MESSIAH. Your website is encouraging and reminds me LORD YAHWEH loves us all and is always wanting to touch the sinner and set us free from our sin and bondage. To not give up on inviting people to meet the LORD, who do not yet know the LORD’s saving grace and power, cleansing blood and forgiveness of our sin. To be led by the HOLY Spirit of GOD. How good it is to respond quickly to the LORD’s conviction and be set free by the shed blood and resurrection power of what YESHUA of Nazareth did on the cross at Calvary, and be reconciled back to our loving FATHER in Heaven. I thank YAHWEH who never gives up on HIS children, male and female, created equal in His wonderful image. We need to encourage one another in the Faith and receive the LORD’s full restoration. LORD YAHWEH is a covenant keeping GOD. The LORD bless you and refresh you all.
    Shalom! Robyn Smith, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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